sellin for a friend

Post your Neon or Neon parts for sale here. This would also be the forum to post in if you find an interesting Neon for sale, such as an R/T or ACR.
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sellin for a friend

Post by monkeyman9630 » Tue May 22, 2007 1:00 pm

ok here is the deal, this car is from Findlay, Ohio. My friend works at LaRiche and is a car salesman. He needs this sold for a trade he is trying to close. when i get pics i will post them but here is what he sent me:
Josh help me out! Do you know anyone looking for a Neon?

1997 Neon (white i think)
94000 miles

full body kit
red side graphics
red underbody neons
new front clip and front frame
New carpet
new front and rear lights

its owned by someone trading in and i need to get him some more money for it and if we can find someone to buy it for not quite retail, but in between trade in value and retail it would help alot. I think he and his dad (who is a body guy) did all of the work themselves too. Let me know!

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