why their dead

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why their dead

Post by lil red one » Fri Apr 27, 2007 3:37 am

I can't believe those among us writing the news papers and talking on the t.v. continually asking"Why?"."Why do we have kids killing kids in schools and in our streets all over America?"The whole while shaking their heads and talking about the "gun problem",or the "rap music problem","the video game problem",or "the problem with our society",only to look strait past the answer and claim no one knows the source of the epidemic or how to fix it!
OUR HEATH CARE!Or should I say ,the lack there of,is slowly but surely killing us all!Both mental and physical heath care in this country is a joke!Think back to the last time you visited an E.R.,or the last time you had to go to a "specialist" for anything.Now remember that blur, that white blur,that flew by you somewhere in between seeing the nurses(if your lucky and it wasn't just "techs")?That was supposed to be your doctor!Two seconds with the guy who has the masters degree(hopefully,although some times I wonder!) is not enough!And God help you if you don't have something they can't immediately find in their text books! If not look forward to bouncing from doctor to doctor and possibly getting told "It's all in your head and we can't help you" for many years. Until your on the brink of death ,then someone maybe,(if your lucky) will try to think instead of just recall facts and footnotes.Then,maybe,just maybe.They decide to actually put in some time and effort into you and your problem and...eureka!They finally find out what was wrong with you the whole time and they save you!IF NOT YOU DIE, of whatever they wanna right on your coroners report.
For all the doctors,drug company c.e.o.'s,upper management and lobbyists in the industry the money is nice,BUT, how much are your children's lives worth?Your Grandchild's?Your wife's?Your parents?If we continue down the road we're on your wallets will be padded with their blood.As shown by the recent events at Virginia tech,your kids aren't safe at school because of the way things in the industry are run .No one is immune to having crazy people do crazy things,anywhere.
They say the suspect in the Virginia tech killings had a long history of mental illness.I wonder how many "two second appointments" he had with his "blur"?I wonder how many happy pills were thrown at him...PAXIL?,a little WELLBUTRIN maybe?(I'm not even in the medical industry, im going by all the commercials i see on t.v!)Throwing pills at someone and kicking them out the door is a good way for drug companies to generate huge profits.But obviously it's real long term care(INPATIENT CARE) people with mental illness need and deserve.Not the; "here take these and I'll have my secretary("not me I'm too busy being the blur!") call you back in two days and hope,maybe,per chance, some one ever does call you back!
We are one of the last industrialized nations(If not THE last) in the world that does not have guaranteed heath care to all of our citizens.We pay much more for our health care than most(if not all)the other countries around the world ,yet we get some of the worst patient care in the world!(That's why those who can afford it leave this country for their medical care!)Thats why the U.S. government made buying your drugs from Canada illegal.Same drugs much lower prices!
The doctors ,drug companies,health alliances,all their board members and upper management are very rich and have very powerful lobbies in Washington making sure nothing ever changes,but at what cost?How much are the lives of OUR sons,daughters,husbands and wives worth?Is a 25 percent increase over last quarters earnings enough?Maybe 30 percent?
Don't they see the crazy people are all around us?In our schools,in our grocery stores,in the traffic jam,at our daycares and at our jobs. No one,no matter what their status is in life, is safe from some nut with a weapon.Would it make a difference if the guy kills someone with a knife,a gun or his(or hers if she has post pardum depression) bare hands?No.It doesn't.What does matter is that an innocent victim had to die because some one was sick and didn't get the QUALITY of care they needed!
We need to RESCUE our health care system.It won't be easy but it will save countless many innocent lives.First off, heathcare should be ABSOLUTELY FREE to any American citizen(hell,why not free even if you aren't a citizen.You don't have to be here legally to go nuts and kill someone).Everybody gets a card who applies for one and on that card lives your health info all your records and who to contact in case of an emergency(if your born here it comes to your mom with her first positive pregnancy test from the hospital).Your Credit card knows all about you and your whole (life)credit score wherever you go.So should your medical card!
It don't matter if it comes out of our taxes or where the money to run it comes from(Hey, maybe we should ask the members of congress who get all their health care for free!)But this has to not be on the shoulders of the patient at all!we need to streamline the bureaucracy of managers and administrators and over paid and under worked bored members.The whole "good ol 'boy"association of the top 5 percent of wage earners in the medical field need to retire or be fired immediately!(Sorry guys but this will help save your families)
Doctors and hospitals should be paid based on their PERFORMANCE,not the sheer number of insurance payments they can squeeze into an 8 hour shift.If they can really send cancer into remission or solve a condition someones been struggling with for years and they can prove it,they get special grants and bonuses.If they see patient after patient but everybody keeps coming back with the same or worse problems ,they get a pay cut.Only through a results based pay scale will people start getting the care they really need.(how many manic depressives have you kept functional in society for 5 or more years?$5000 dollar BONUS!)
We also need to better manage the money put into research.I don't need to know the difference in grain texture from one piece of sand to the next. So why does my tax dollars have to fund that research?We need a website or some way for each individual tax payer to decide what grants our tax money goes to support.(Instead of some lobby dumping money in the right pockets or kissing the right butt)If you are someone who,or a group of people who, cures a disease; you and/or your company,now get to operate tax free for ten years!Along with automatically getting approval for more grant money to do more research and cure more diseases.
If you think this will run some of our doctors away ,your right!But trust me, you don't want the ones that are just in it for the money anyway!You want the ones who genuinely want to care for and cure their patients(there-in saving their own families lives!).In other nations around the world doctors don't make near as much as our do yet there are still plenty of them.Hell,our doctors even go to those other nations to do "volunteer" work FOR FREE!
If you haven't been the victim of a person with mental illness or know someone who has ,just wait,because you will.Why are we a nation of fatherless children?Why do the lowest income areas have the highest crime rates?Why do we have overflowing prisons and jail cells all around the country?It's not because we have some huge increase in the number of "criminals".It's because we throw our mentally ill in there!We got manic depressives and psychotic parents raising more manic depressives and psychotic children because they never got the help they needed!
If you have absolutely nothing(or are a good enough con artist to appear to the government you have nothing)you can get Medicaid.What a sorry excuse,( read:scapegoat) for our politicians and the medical industry to say "Well we have Medicaid for those who can't afford insurance".Unless you make under some ridiculously low number(Say, ten thousand dollars)a year ,you don't even qualify!What a joke!Even if you do (somehow,by some miracle)get through all the red tape,the filings,the deadlines,the "income verification",the 14 sheets of paper you HAVE to sign that are just DUPLICATES OF THE EXACT SAME FORM,the "social worker" trying to get you TO SIGN OVER YOUR DISABILITY INCOME OR PENSION AND RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS TO THE HOSPITAL BEFORE THEY LET YOU APPLY!(yes those of us who are elderly or have mentally impaired family beware!)You may not even get "full Medicaid"!They may tell you you must now for-fit your retirement or your savings account to them and they'll cover whats left...MAYBE!
I can already see the downward spiral that these increasingly violent and tragic events are leading us down.Generation after generation worse than the last.No one will be safe.Even with every person carrying their own gun ,a camera and a microphone on every person 24 hours a day recording everything;our kids,our parents,our family will end up victims.These incidents will continue to increase in both frequency and body count, until enough people have died ,that we all wake up and fix the problem( that has been right in front of our eyes for years).It's like today is that time before 9-11.Crazy things are happening all around us but we are choosing not to see them,choosing not to admit we have a problem.Virginia Tech is our mental health crisis 9-11(our much needed wake up call).How many more lives will it take?Do you have to wait until it's your son or daughter before you stand up?Do we have time to play the blame game before it takes us too? None of us are safe as long as our HEATHCARE SYSTEM remains "JUST A BAND AID,NOT A CURE".

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Post by Vinny » Fri Apr 27, 2007 3:46 pm

Damn that was a long rant, but very true, unfortunately.

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Post by Skill » Tue May 01, 2007 7:46 pm

She's fast, low, sexy, and clean ... something every car envies.

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Post by sps20racer » Mon May 14, 2007 3:10 am

I just felt like i got done with sunday mass
Who says neons dont kick ass!!!

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