Dayton, OH meet- Saturday 4-30-11

Know of a cool race, show, or cruise-in? Trying to meet up with other Neon owners? This is the place to look!
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Dayton, OH meet- Saturday 4-30-11

Post by Midnight_Rider » Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:47 pm

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ejclide wrote:Location of meet: We will meet here at the regal cinemas parking lot. They have a parking lot that is further away from the theater that I have yet to see occupied even on the busiest nights.

From EAST: If you're coming from the columbus area, the quickest route will be to take I70 West until you reach I675. Take that south to exit 17 at North Fairfield Rd. You will want to turn left onto north fairfield road. From here you will go through 4 lights, and at the 5th (Jared's Jewelers on the corner) turn right toward the mall. Make an immediate left onto Fairfield Commons Drive, then pass Red Robin and Fox and Hound pub and grill on the left, taking the first left after the Fox and Hound. From there you will be in the lot

From WEST: Directions are the same except you'll be taking I70 East, durhur :D

From NORTH: I'd imagine I75 will be the quickest way down from Toledo. Once to Dayton, take I70 East for a few miles, then get on I675 South. From here directions are the same.

From SOUTH: I75 North will be your best coice. Once to Dayton get on I675 North. The only difference here will be to take exit 17 and turn RIGHT onto North Fairfield Dr. From here you'll go through 3 lights, and the 4th (Jared's on the corner) Will be your turn into the mall

For some reason the marker on google maps is not correct for the theater, so follow my directions (if you don't have GPS), and the worst case scenario would be that you would just drive on the ring around the mall and you'd eventually find the theater. When closer to the meet I'll PM people my number if they would like the extra security.

FOOD!: We will hop over (could even walk) to Red Robin. You'll pass by it driving to the meet location, so I'll save myself posting the link. I figure we'll eat whenever the group gets hungry, or if you like we can set a specific time. As long as it's not too late as it tends to get busy on saturday evenings, so maybe 4:30-5:00ish.

After the meet and food, we can hang around more, or if you're dead set on cruising I won't stop you. At some point I plan on going to the theater to watch Fast Five, so if others wanted to join me that'd be cool

List of attendees:
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Re: Dayton, OH meet- Saturday 4-30-11

Post by velyste » Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:44 pm

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Re: Dayton, OH meet- Saturday 4-30-11

Post by velyste » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:07 pm

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