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Random Pictures of the Cars

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 11:17 pm
by Diablo0
Had to grab some parts for people today and thought it'd be best to start the black car up and let it run for a good 10-20min since it hasn't been driven in a good month or two. Had the camera with me so I snapped a few pics.


Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 2:09 am
by 71Roadrunner
Very nice, I always did like them in that body style, there use to be a red one at the Goodyear on Frank Rd. that looked great that was the same style R/T. I prefer black like yours though.

I see you keep your toy in storage just like I do. What size and how much does it cost per month, if you don't mind my asking? Myself I have a 10'X30' and it runs me around $183 a month which includes $2,000 of insurance which doesn't cover the car. If I ever get the garage secure enough where I can rest easy I'll move my Roadrunner home, but that remains to be done. I haven't had my beloved out since the beginning of summer. Here's mine at my storage place:

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 12:48 pm
by Diablo0
Thanks :D

Yep, gotta keep the girl out of the ran and in a secure area where it won't get damaged so I can sleep well at night :D I don't mind you asking, right now I also have a 10'x30' and it cost me $117 without any sort of insurance as there isn't much in there except the car that could get damaged :lol: Just a bunch of car parts and clothes lol At first I thought I was crazy for getting a storage over a year ago but it's actually some of the best money I spend each and every month. Gives me a ton of space to store my extra parts from my swap that I can't store here at the house and if it wasn't for not having running water or a shower near by I could probably live in it haha.

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:15 pm
by 71Roadrunner
Yours is alot cheaper than mine and I've had mine for around 10 years.

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:34 pm
by Diablo0
Yeah, there are quite a few that are that expensive like all those Public Storage named places, one is close by but I'm not paying $60-80 more to have it 2 miles away from me instead of a 10 or so that this one is. I'll probably end up having mine for that long as well, or at least as long as I can afford it haha.

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:29 pm
by Midnight_Rider
Nice pics, Jason!

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:37 pm
by 2mopar
Rockin the Chrysler's! Very nice!

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 11:04 pm
by Diablo0
Midnight_Rider wrote:Nice pics, Jason!
Thanks David! :D
2mopar wrote:Rockin the Chrysler's! Very nice!
Yep, even know where I can get a Chrysler Airbag which has the Chrysler wings on it but he wants $200 for it and the wheel, money I don't have right now :(

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 7:41 pm
I drive by your cars every day :lol:

Re: Random Pictures of the Cars

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 8:57 pm
by evlneon
Diablo0 wrote:Image
hmm.... exhaust is hangin kinda funny on the white car? :-s

:lol: :D

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 9:07 pm
by Diablo0
Yeah from you pushing it to the ground over the weekend :lol:

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2006 1:33 pm
by quickcoupe
As always, Jason, you've got yourself some nice rides there :)
Man I wish I could afford to have that much money into not only one but TWO cars and then be able to keep one in a nice place like that...
Oh well, I'm happy to have my 2.4 project the way it is and it will be great when the SRT turbo's in there! :lol:

Great work on the cars...both are as clean and beautiful as ever!!

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 12:08 am
by Diablo0
Thanks Brittany... sometimes I regret putting that much money into them but eh... it was fun and I'll probably keep them until I die lol. Maybe they'll be classic cars then and worth a lot of money haha. If your turbo project turns out anywhere as nice as Vinny's did, that'll be a great addition to your 1st gen.

And yes Joe, you do drive by my CAR everyday :lol: There is only room in there for one haha.

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 10:23 am
by Metal_gear_jon
That's funny now because I see Joe's car just about every day now too, lol..

Re: Random Pictures of the Cars

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